Hosted ByMike van Dooyeweert

Over superhelden op het scherm en in de comics.

Supercast – Supercast International: Kyle Ayers (Never Seen It!)

My guest in this very special episode of the Supercast, is comedian and podcaster Kyle Ayers. He is the host of the podcast Never Seen It!, in which comedians write their own versions of movies and tv-shows they’ve never seen. Kyle and I channel Never Seen It! a bit in this episode, by doing a ‘table-read’ of my Never Seen It-Fantastic Four script. Because I have seen a couple of Fantastic Four films by now, we discuss the movies for a bit.

Apart from that, we talk about Kyle’s favorite superheroes, the motivations of supervillains and the use of humor in superhero movies.

Warning: a lot of films and tv-series in this episode haven’t been seen!

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