Crippled Crisp Review #60 – AH Green Thai Curry

In this episode the boys review another curry flavoured crisp. Furthermore, they talk about their solo projects, and the orrigins of the word ‘curry’. Please, share, like & review our podcast. Links Marijn on YouTube   Marijn on Soundcloud Sem on YouTube Sem on Intagram

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Crippled Crisp Review #43 – Nyan Sweetie Banana Crisps

Yes, sweet crisps we have dabbled in them before it was not a success, but these ones these ones come highly recommended and are legendary throughout the seven seas and beyond! Furthermore, you get not one but two trivia in this episode and we talk abo…

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Crippled Crisp Review #42 – BBQ Special

In this Episode the boys talk about BBQ yes BBQ Marijn’s favorite topic, and Sem loves it aswell! They talk about a BBQ fact and their BBQ experiences, In short it’s a of sorts…. Vote for the next crisp we should review!

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