Crippled Crisp Review

Hosted ByCaptain Cane & Brace Boy

Two Dutch comedians with a disability talk about crisps, being cripples, trivia and pop culture.

Sem Bannenberg & Marijn de Vries from the Netherlands have a handicap. They are funny. They have a real disability as well (Sem has CP and Marijn has MS). However, having a disability doesn’t stop them trying to be inspirational. Sitting on the couch and eating and reviewing crisps all day is fun, but performing comedy is their way of showing a handicap only goes so far. They want to leave the audience crippled with laughter, while also giving them something to think about.

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Crippled Crisp Review #23 – Tyrrell’s Pesto & Parmesan

In this Episode Marijn & Sem review Pesto & Parmesan crisps from the hand cooked crisp brand Tyrrell’s. Furthermore, they discuss, a fake Parmesan criminal from 1969, wheelchairs, and a whole lot of other nonsense.

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Crippled Crisp Review #19 – Lidl Vitasia Tikka Masala

The Cripples review Tikka Masala tortilla crisps. talk about Cherophobia the fear of fun & happiness, furthermore the possible movie directing career of Sem gets discussed.

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The guys review Sweet & Sour tortilla crisps. Then they talk about the worlds first your Moma joke, discuss Marijns relationship with Kristy and the possibility of brexit. Lastly they discuss the funeral they brightened up by being morons.

Crippled Crisp Review #17 – Pulled Pork & Honey

In this first episode of 2019, the crippled crisp reviewers review a pulled pork & Honey crisp. Then they discuss a couple of bee-related trivia and a club of disabled people that are somehow more than 50% disabled.

Crippled Crisp Review #16 – Lidl Delicieux Truffle Crisps

Holiday Special PART 2/2 In this episode the cripples review another, cheaper truffle crisps from Lidl. Then they talk about Squirrels and their bowels having an effect on fungus growth, and finally Marijn makes his decision on who he will go on a date…

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Holiday Special PART 1/2: In this episode the boys review Tyrrells Black truffle & Sea Salt Crisps. Furthermore they talk about the price of truffles and Marijn finally gets introduces to some of the passport/date applicants.