Crippled Crisp Review

Crippled Crisp Review #54 – Kettle Soy, Ginger & Chili

In this Episode the boys talk New year resolutions, Kettle Soy, Ginger &Chili crisps and of course some babalonin titbid, oow and we learn what period of history Marijn wants to travel back to!

Crippled Crisp Review #53 – Kruidige frietsaus Smaak

A special type of Dutch saus for on your fries, and they put it on crisps to, the boys try it out and after that they talk about their expectations for the last Star Wars movie.

Crippled Crisp Review #52 – Tempura Seaweed

Seaweed, it is becoming a hype, or at least in the Bannie household, the boys try some tempura seaweed crisps, then talk about the colors of crisp bags and waiting periods of municipalities.

Crippled Crisp Review #51 – Kettle Sourcream & Sweet Onion

Sourcream & Onion is one of Sem’s youth favorites, will it holdup? Next to these Kettle crisps the boys talk about Joker and the effect of crunching crisps on the brain.

Crippled Crisp Review #50 – Pepernoten Non-special

Sem spent about 1,5 hours editing every single minute of this episode and still they lost some great footage, about prince Andrew, Epstein and Sinterklaas, some of the best topical jokes Sems career that you will never here. But the boys do talk about accesibility of London, Dutch traditions, Rasism, and ofcourse the first sweets they have ever reviewed on the pod, Pepernoten.


EU accessible city award

Crippled Crisp Review #49 – Santa Maria Tortilla chips

AAAAAAI caraba, it is salsa time! The boys go for it in this one. First they try out these  chili flavoured tortila crisps on their own and then… then they get the Salsa out. Furthermore, the Sem talks about the Mandelorian and Marijn tells the origin of tortilla chips.

Crippled Crisp Review #48 – Zeeuwse Kroepoek Oosterschelde Zeewier

Who lives in a seaweed under the sea? Probably Captain Cane, or at least in the future. In this episode, the boys taste kelp prawn crackers and they have mixed feelings, furthermore, they talk about seaweed and its amazing food properties and they talk about a possible MS diet for Marijn.

Crippled Crisp Review #47 – Slovak Garlic Crisps

The Boys are back in town, the boys are back in town and they test garlic crisps from Bratislava which is the capital of Slovakia! Furthermore, they talk about Bratislava, Viena and the Joker… ooh and something about Vampires.

Important Editors note, these Crisps became a lot better when you dipped them in yogurt Sems Girlfriend Sarah researched this and came up with this helpful tip!

Crippled Crisp Review #46 – Paco Jose Artisinal Crisps

Yes, a holiday special again! This part 1 of a two part holiday episode special palloza, listen how Marijn goes all out about his holiday and the artisinal crisps he bought in Malaga!


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