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Bezoek Chez Geeque panel op Dutch Comic Con

De winter editie van de Dutch Comic Con is voor ons natuurlijk altijd de moeite waard, maar deze editie wordt helemaal speciaal! De heren van Chez Geeque zullen namelijk aanwezig zijn. Niet alleen op de stand van Dirtees (met supertoffe t-shirts), maar ook met een eigen panel waarin ze live een podcast gaan opnemen! Je kunt je vragen stellen, meekletsen en zien hoe het er nu allemaal aan toe gaat achter de schermen! Kom dus vooral langs!

Dutch Comic Con winter editie is op 23 en 24 november in de Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Naast Chez Geeque komen gasten als Evanna Lynch ( Luna Lovegood uit Harry Potter) en Colin O’Donoghue (Once Upon A Time).

Crippled Crisp Review #40 – Texel Chips Zilte Zeekruiden

We are a one year old with a podcast. Or a podcast that is one year old. It does not matter how you want to see it we have 40 episodes under the belt, and this is a “special” one indeed. Marijn brought back a bag of contaminated crisps from his holidays. Will the boys survive their anniversary? Furthermore, the boys talk about Dutch nationality, cheese graters and anniversary trivia’s.

Crippled Crisp Review #39 – Alnatura Mango & Chili

Another German crisp, Mango & Chili, Marijn thinks this is a new type of flavour were Sem states it already is an established thingamajig. Oow and did we mention these are kettle cooked? Okay fine! We talk about Marijns new job and celebrate our almost one year anaversiry. Furthermore, the boys tell you that there will be a seleberatory 40th episode next week.

Crippled Crisp Review #38 – Lorenz Crunchchips African Style

Oow boy oow boy the boys have been on holiday and Brace boy brought back a little treat for the listeners pleasure and of cource the crippled crisp review taste buds. Marijn tells about his holiday adventures and the amazing Turmeric fact. Listen now!

Crippled Crisp Review #37 – Lay’s Stokbroodje Kruidenboter

The boys are away on holiday but took the time and effort to create a beautiful review of Stokbroodje Kruidenboter crisps from Lays. These Herb butter on a baguette crisps are what one needs on they vacation…. At least that’s what we hope. Furthermore, the boys talk about what they are doing on holiday and give you a recipe so you can make your own herb butter spread.

Crippled Crisp Review #36 – Cheetos Ringelings

What Pizza flavour? Nah… Ringlings it is. The boys were set on reviewing the amazing Pizza flavour but it could not be… the trivia is pizza related tho and Marijn tells a story about how he is changing the world, one stamped letter at a time.

Crippled Crisp Review #35 – Lays Classic Burger

A special crisp as advertised. In this episode Marijn & Sem review Lays Classic burger crisps, is it possible to get that destinctive burger flavour into a tiny crisp? You will find out in this episode. Next to that the boys talk about their vacation plans and they recomend you a fringe show.

Crippled Crisp Review #34 – Pipers Co Tomato

There it is, the Pipers Co Tomato crisp, the boys have been waiting for a while on these ones, are they as good as expected? you will find out. And what is this? Marijn has a trivia that is also a recipe for you. So you can make your own crisps out of tomatoes. Do not forget to vote for the crisp of episode 36.

Crippled Crisp Review #33 – AH Sourcream & Onion

Firstly we are very sorry that you had to wait such a long time for this episode, the few days after the recording of this episode on the 10 of July Sems laptop brokedown luckily he was able to extract the recording files and here it is. A new episode in which yea ol’ cap’ & the cripple chap return with another crisp that you voted for! This time it is Sourcream & Onion, but not the Lays brand? that could not be found by our heroes. Is this Albert Heijn version alright? you will find out in this episode.

100e aflevering van Speakers op je Geekers

De eerste samenwerking van Audiogeeks! Speciaal voor de 100e aflevering gaan de Geekers op je Speakers een podcast opnemen met de heren van Chez Geeque, en jullie kunnen ze het hemd van het lijf vragen. Stel je vragen via de facebookpagina van de Geekers op je Speakers